GOING NOCTURNAL (The Backpacker's Travel Diary)

Night game drives are prohibited in Kenya's National Parks but have you ever wondered what its like to be out in the wilderness in the comfort of a 4x4 open roof land cruiser watching as the night unfolds? Most of the big cats are active at night and the opportunity to watch Lions hunt is rare, but there is a conservancy in Northern Kenya where a front row seat to this magical experience is guaranteed.

OL Pejeta Conservancy is a destination of outstanding scenic beauty, an African Eden. It's a slice of wilderness paradise far from the madding crowd yet easily accessible, it's an ideal wilderness to reconnect with your wild side. There are lots of engaging activities that one can indulge in; Lion tracking, Bush walk, Bird walk, Endangered species boma, Dog tracking, Behind scenes chimpanzees, Junior Ranger, Riding with rhinos, community visits and to crown it all Night game drives you've got to add this on your bucket list.

The conservancy is a jewel of wildlife diversity, boasting of the single largest population of black rhinos in East Africa.  This magnificent rhino sanctuary is endowed with the iconic and most spectacular species but wait the action starts at night. When the lions are coming out to hunt here's your chance for a front row seat to witness all the action up close with all the rare nocturnal species which include mongooses, Aardvark, zorillas, bat-eared foxes,hippos, cape hares, civet cats, leopard among other species.

  With the aid of a unique spotlight that the conservancy provides (the spotlight has a cap that is placed on the front thus the light does not disrupt the animal) and a highly professional spotter guide, this ensures that you get that unique game drive that you will live to tell.

At some point during the drive "This is my favorite part" the vehicle is switched off and since its an open roof you get to watch the skies, stars and you quietly listen out to the calls of nature "hopefully a lion roar, and follow the call direction" All said whats stopping you from experiencing this? Book your night safari, am looking forward to your feedback on your experience.

Night game drives are available daily between 19:00-21:00 and 12:00 and 23:00, Just so you know,  you don't have to be accommodated within the conservancy you can be picked and dropped off at the gate. for any queries and bookings contact info@olpejetaconservancy.org or visit www.olpejetaconservancy.org


  1. The best experiences in the wild are every new experience one tries out.Night game drives must be that ideal Eureka for Big Cats lovers.Awesome opportunity being granted by Ol Pejeta Conservancy utmost gratitude.Fantastic text and pictures Abraham N.

  2. Nice read there.Night game drive seems to be the ideal package to view the bi cats in action. I'll sure need one of it soon.Big up Abaham

  3. Am thrilles by the blog... Trully I want to join you in the game drive's. Soon you will here me call you for an itinerary at the Laikipia county especially Olpejeta Conservancy.


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